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DP with StarriderStarRyder is the product of a very successful project between Dutch Passion and the Joint Doctor. The collaboration took a few years to create this outstanding AutoFem variety. An exceptional Dutch Passion Isis clone, a premium Sativa with a first class "high", was carefully hybridised by Joint Doctor with one of his best Indica dominant automatics. The result is a very potent AutoFem variety. The first part of the name refers to the outstanding quality and performance, a real Star. The second part of the name refers to the Joint Doctor, the autoflowering pioneer and producer of the original LowRyder.

StarRyder grows like a compact Christmas tree, producing large resinous buds, growing to around 50cm tall and yielding 45 to 100 grams to the average grower. Experienced AutoFem growers can yield over 100 grams per plant growing in soil or coco. Yields of over 200 grams per plant are possible with hydro methods such as DWC (Deep Water Culture) in the hands of the very best growers who will be able to grow plants around 1m tall. The THC content is around 15 to 19% which is special for an AutoFem variety. The "high" is described as powerful and fast hitting. The taste is smooth and sweet.

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On 23-07-2014 at 01:39u D mack wrote:
Purchased a couple star rider seeds and after a few weeks inside moved them to my outdoor garden. I'm in Michigan and they receive about 6 hours of direct sun. I am quite delighted. Some of the best looking auto,a I've seen. Bud laidin from top to bottom. Looks like I'll be harvesting these beauties in a couple of weeks.Put outside June 1st harvesting about August 1st. Also have a couple Frisian dew autos wich are also awesome. Will definately be ordering more next year. Great Job Dutch Passion.I'm feel'in the Passion! Peace

On 30-11-2013 at 21:10u Jesper wrote:
Even thou i had some feeding problems early on, the starryder gave me 184 dry from a plant that grow to more than 1 meter, just kept growing and growing, even weeks into flowering! Thank you dutch passion!


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