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What are cannabis edibles?

What are cannabis edibles?

September 19th 2014

Why would you eat cannabis instead of smoking or vaporizing it?  Well there are several good reasons and this blog explains why.   Of course, many people prefer simply to smoke or vapori ...
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  • Skunk #1 |
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    Skunk #1
  • AutoUltimate ® | Scotland
    223 votes
    AutoUltimate ®
  • AutoMazar® |
    47 votes
  • Think Different® | Россия. Омская область
    190 votes
    Think Different®
  • Think Different® | CZ
    7 votes
    Think Different®
  • AutoFrisian Dew® | gurilla
    6 votes
    AutoFrisian Dew®
  • Frisian Dew ® | alps 1300 meters high
    6 votes
    Frisian Dew ®
  • Think Different® |
    1 votes
    Think Different®
  • Tundra #2 ® | CZ
    0 votes
    Tundra #2 ®
  • AutoBlueberry® | Terasa
    11 votes
  • Blueberry ® |
    4 votes
    Blueberry ®
Skunk #1
AutoUltimate ®
Think Different®
Think Different®
AutoFrisian Dew®

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Holland.  Triple Highlife Cup Success For Dutch Passion

Holland. Triple Highlife Cup Success For Dutch Passion

July 17th 2013

Dutch Passion were proud recipients of 3 Cannabis Cup awards at the recent Highlife Cup.     Mazar.  Highlife Cup ‘Plant Of The Year’.  The Highlife Cup from S ...
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Cannabis Cups:2009    Copa Del Plata           1st Outdoor      Iv&aac ... Continue reading »

Arizer Solo Vaporizer + Free Grinder

The Arizer Solo is arguably the finest vaporizer on the market for the price, it fully deserves a place in the Dutch Passion vaporizer collection.&nbs ... Continue reading »


On 19-09-2014 at 16:55u Skrip008 wrote: Very nice... Continue reading

On 17-09-2014 at 23:08u Weedman1664 wrote: Lush fat bud Loki mate, smashed it as always.... Continue reading

On 16-09-2014 at 21:13u Startingtogrow wrote: Is it possible to grow this strain with 90w ufo led or do I need 180w ufo? I'm planning a stealth bo... Continue reading

On 16-09-2014 at 08:13u Turtle speed wrote: I just put the SS#2 through not just a grow, but a testing project among myself and 2 fellow growers... Continue reading

On 15-09-2014 at 15:33u Mrs.snwbunie27 wrote: WHOOOOOAAAAA NELLY!!!!! Loki loki loki u DIDN'T TELL me your always at attention!!! LMFAO SHE'S GORG... Continue reading

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Australia.  Prime Minister says legalize medical marijuana

(Above, AutoXtreme a popular variety with medical growers)   Australian PM Tony Abbott surprised many this week with the comment "I have no p ... Continue reading »

USA.  New York politicians consider bill to legalize recreational marijuana

  The sheer pace of cannabis law reform in the USA has been breathtaking and a victory for common sense over politics.  Now New York will ... Continue reading »