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Expoweed 2014 Review

Expoweed 2014 Review

December 19th 2014

  Dutch Passion were in Santiago Chile for the 2014 Expoweed cannabis expo, once again it was a refreshing chance to see the continued progress being made in the South American cannabis scene. ...
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Holland.  Triple Highlife Cup Success For Dutch Passion

Holland. Triple Highlife Cup Success For Dutch Passion

July 17th 2013

Dutch Passion were proud recipients of 3 Cannabis Cup awards at the recent Highlife Cup.     Mazar.  Highlife Cup ‘Plant Of The Year’.  The Highlife Cup from S ...
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Cannabis Cups:2009    Copa Del Plata           1st Outdoor      Iv&aac ... Continue reading »

Arizer Solo Vaporizer + Free Grinder

The Arizer Solo is arguably the finest vaporizer on the market for the price, it fully deserves a place in the Dutch Passion vaporizer collection.&nbs ... Continue reading »


On 15-12-2014 at 23:15u Lee wrote: Very lovely plant for my first grow under cfls, it done amazingly well but would recommend screen of... Continue reading

On 14-12-2014 at 21:15u Arty wrote: Excellent to see it at last. Hope it is in stock soon. Will there be free seeds offered, likr you ... Continue reading

On 10-12-2014 at 23:48u Ed wrote: Have you got the light in stock? What price?... Continue reading

On 09-12-2014 at 09:30u Blue wrote: Waiting and waiting and nor photos or the page was updated. It is really frustrating to wait this lo... Continue reading

On 08-12-2014 at 21:49u Keef fox wrote: ME TOO.LIVING ON DISABLITY,CANT AFFORD THE NEW PRICE. THANK YOU KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK... Continue reading

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Belgium.  Mambo Social Club Update

Michel Degens founder of Mambo Social Club   Belgiums ‘Mambo’ Cannabis Social Club run by Michel Degens is attempting to establis ... Continue reading »

Greece.  Athens University study shows anti-tumour properties of cannabis

  The continued worldwide trend towards the use of cannabis for medicinal purposes is showing some interesting results and studies.  Many ... Continue reading »