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Growing cannabis outdoors the easy way.  Tips and advice

Growing cannabis outdoors the easy way. Tips and advice

April 24th 2015

  Growing cannabis outdoors is easier than ever thanks to modern outdoor cannabis seed genetics which have been selectively bred to thrive even in tough conditions.  For many people in wa ...
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    AutoUltimate ®
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    Blue AutoMazar®
  • AutoBlueberry® | Düsseldorf
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    Orange Hill Special ®
AutoBlackberry Kush®
AutoUltimate ®
Blue AutoMazar®
Orange Hill Special ®

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The Edge Grow Review. Prize-winning Dutch Passion Skunk With High THC Levels

The Edge Grow Review. Prize-winning Dutch Passion Skunk With High THC Levels

April 10th 2015

Brothers, and Master Growers, Antonio & Ferdinand grow with a focus is to cultivate the best quality plants from the best genetics to produce their own homegrown recreational and medical cannabi ...
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Forest Dream®

Forest Dream is suited for outdoor, greenhouse and indoor growing. This sativa-dominant variety is very easy to grow and therefore suited for less exp ... Continue reading »


Cannabis Cups:2009    Copa Del Plata           1st Outdoor      Iv&aac ... Continue reading »


On 23-04-2015 at 10:45u Eddy - Dutch Passion wrote: Nick, many auto growers prefer to introduce BioBizz all-mix when the plants are established and head... Continue reading

On 22-04-2015 at 14:22u Nick wrote: Can i put my seeds after they germinated to a 20ltr airpot with biobizz all mix? I have read in seve... Continue reading

On 14-04-2015 at 21:21u Ian sweet wrote: Is this with led or Hps thanks ... Continue reading

On 13-04-2015 at 05:35u Anthony Dawson wrote: thats a beast... Continue reading

On 12-04-2015 at 15:19u Richard wrote: Nice one!... Continue reading

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USA.  Retail cannabis prices drop 50% in Washington state

(above, Dutch Passion White Widow)   USA.  According to the Liquor Control Board the price of cannabis is dropping fast in the recently ... Continue reading »

Chile.  First legal cannabis harvest celebrated

Cancer patients celebrate first legal cannabis harvest to be used for cannabis oil.   Cancer patients in Chile will now be able to get free ... Continue reading »