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Dutch Passion Orange Hill Special Customer Grow Review

Dutch Passion Orange Hill Special Customer Grow Review

July 25th 2014

Orange Hill Special is a recent traditional photoperiod variety from Dutch Passion.  She was introduced following many years of requests from our customers for a new member of our ‘Orange ...
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  • AutoFrisian Dew® | France
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    AutoFrisian Dew®
  • The Ultimate® | пермский край
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    The Ultimate®
  • Californian Orange | leger pliage
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    Californian Orange
  • Strawberry Cough ® | Planet Earth
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    Strawberry Cough ®
  • Orange Hill Special ® | deutschland
    14 votes
    Orange Hill Special ®
AutoFrisian Dew®
The Ultimate®
Californian Orange
Strawberry Cough ®
Orange Hill Special ®

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Holland.  Triple Highlife Cup Success For Dutch Passion

Holland. Triple Highlife Cup Success For Dutch Passion

July 17th 2013

Dutch Passion were proud recipients of 3 Cannabis Cup awards at the recent Highlife Cup.     Mazar.  Highlife Cup ‘Plant Of The Year’.  The Highlife Cup from S ...
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Arizer Solo Vaporizer + Free Grinder

The Arizer Solo is arguably the finest vaporizer on the market for the price, it fully deserves a place in the Dutch Passion vaporizer collection.&nbs ... Continue reading »

CBD SkunkHaze

In 2012 Dutch Passion began working with the CBD Crew to produce a range of feminized cannabis seeds which produce plants rich in the cannabinoid CB ... Continue reading »


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On 20-07-2014 at 12:40u Captain beefheart wrote: smoke report,when i toked the first bowl i was surprised on the intensity of the head rush,after 20 ... Continue reading

On 18-07-2014 at 08:50u SUNGROWER wrote: Net ORGANICA + ALL CYCLE ON melt water HPS with 400V, DRY WEIGHT OVER 100G... Continue reading

On 17-07-2014 at 23:24u John wrote: im growing 2 outdoors and both of them have grown bigger then the advertised 80-100cm at 140cm and 1... Continue reading

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USA.  Oregon and Alaska next for legal recreational pot

  With USA legal marijuana crusaders basking in the glory of the successful legalisations in Colorado and Washington state, Oregon and Alaska ... Continue reading »

World Health Organisation: It's high time for global reform on drug prohibition

  International calls to end the failed war on drugs get louder and louder with claims that United Nations anti-drug laws are more damaging th ... Continue reading »