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AutoUltimate Grow Review.  The Heavy Yielding Dutch Passion Auto

AutoUltimate Grow Review. The Heavy Yielding Dutch Passion Auto

October 24th 2014

AutoUltimate has to be a strong contender for the best new Dutch Passion variety in the last few years.  We see home growers consistently getting 100g, 200g and even 300g+ from a single plant a ...
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Holland.  Triple Highlife Cup Success For Dutch Passion

Holland. Triple Highlife Cup Success For Dutch Passion

July 17th 2013

Dutch Passion were proud recipients of 3 Cannabis Cup awards at the recent Highlife Cup.     Mazar.  Highlife Cup ‘Plant Of The Year’.  The Highlife Cup from S ...
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Cannabis Cups:2009    Copa Del Plata           1st Outdoor      Iv&aac ... Continue reading »

Arizer Solo Vaporizer + Free Grinder

The Arizer Solo is arguably the finest vaporizer on the market for the price, it fully deserves a place in the Dutch Passion vaporizer collection.&nbs ... Continue reading »


On 30-10-2014 at 12:03u Eddy - Dutch Passion wrote: Dennis, final yield can depend on factored like the type of light etc. But 100g+ should be realisti... Continue reading

On 29-10-2014 at 17:59u Dennis wrote: Anyone know how much, much it can bring indoors at 100cm and 8-9 vekors bloom?... Continue reading

On 27-10-2014 at 13:34u Ivan Petrov wrote: I hope it will came till end of November , so i dont have to purchase other brand than DP... Continue reading

On 24-10-2014 at 04:10u Josh wrote: What are the parent genetics of the AutoUltimate? It appears the cross was made with AutoMazar. But ... Continue reading

On 23-10-2014 at 12:05u Marcel wrote: No problem DP i'll wait for a good product. Remember NO STRESS. I'LL BUY ONE! Plus some AutoDur... Continue reading

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UK. Keeping drugs illegal does not reduce usage - Government study

  The UK Government has commissioned a report which shows that tough penalties do not deter people using cannabis or other drugs.  The re ... Continue reading »

USA.  More states vote to legalize cannabis on Nov 4th

  On November 4th Alaska, Oregon and Washington DC all vote on whether to legalize recreational cannabis.  In Oregon the vote will allow ... Continue reading »